running wintest issues

Sean Dague sdague at
Tue Oct 4 06:27:52 MDT 2011

On 10/03/2011 08:44 PM, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> On Mon, 2011-10-03 at 17:01 -0400, Sean Dague wrote:
>> After the changes to the wintest script to move the samba-tool path to
>> sbin (patch previously on list) I've been able to get the basic Windows
>> 7 test to run, though I'm still fighting a bit with the win2k8 testing.
> This is a bit fishy.  if it is expected to run from the install dir,
> then I guess it should run without a bin/ or sbin/.  I think the bin/
> was for running from the build dir.

What about just tweaking the path in the script, and then getting rid of 
the prefixes entirely? Adding ${PREFIX}/bin:${PREFIX}/sbin to the path 
would be easy enough. I can provide a patch in that direction if you'd 
rather have that instead.

>> I ran across a few things in the process:
>> 1) wintest doesn't work with Bind 9.7.3 in Ubuntu 11.04 (I couldn't get
>> it to work even though it worked fine for manual testing). It really
>> needs bind 9.8.x. Should that just be made an early prereq of the tests?
> I think so.

I'll create a patch for that and send to the list.

>> 2) it looks like for the win2k8b tests the Answers file for the dcpromo
>> command isn't getting the password, at least when I look at the file
>> afterwards, it isn't there. Is this something that's hidden
>> automatically, or is there actually something wrong with the command
>> sending?
> The missing password is a red herring, dcpromo removes it from the file
> to avoid it being left on disk.
>> Also, the litteral ^Z in the console, could that be causing issues, or
>> is that expected?
>> Nudges in the right direction would be appreciated.
> What exactly is the problem you face?  What goes wrong with dcpromo?

It appears to just hang, waiting for something to happen. I'll do 
another run today to get more details.

> It's really good to see someone having a go at wintest.  It is a really
> important testsuite, but sadly it hasn't had many users and is a little
> fiddly to get going.

I'm wondering if long term it would make more sense to put a little 
python xml-rpc daemon in the windows guests to send the command stream 
in, instead of using the telnet / expect interface. It seems like a lot 
can go wrong on the expect side, and be somewhat hard to debug.


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