running wintest issues

tridge at tridge at
Wed Oct 5 00:49:52 MDT 2011

Hi Sean,

 > It appears to just hang, waiting for something to happen. I'll do 
 > another run today to get more details.

you may want to look in the c:\windows\debug directory and see if
dcpromo gives any useful output there

 > I'm wondering if long term it would make more sense to put a little 
 > python xml-rpc daemon in the windows guests to send the command stream 
 > in, instead of using the telnet / expect interface. 

I quite like the telnet approach, because it works on all windows
versions without having to worry about additional packages. We were
trying to keep the windows install very simple, and I think it's
better that we keep that simplicity if possible.

 > It seems like a lot can go wrong on the expect side, and be
 > somewhat hard to debug.

yes, but I don't think putting it behind an RPC interface will make it
easier to debug. The commands we run logically run on a console, and
produce a stream of output. That doesn't really map to an RPC
interface very well, but it does map to telnet quite well.

Cheers, Tridge

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