To release Samba 4.0 'as is'

Andreas Schneider asn at
Wed Nov 23 09:55:04 MST 2011

On Wednesday 23 November 2011 14:24:51 Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> If you think this will still be confusing, can you help me understand
> that confusion in more detail?  I would like to see how I can address
> it.

Hi Andrew,

I'm speaking here with my Samba and my Red Hat on.

-1 to release 'as is'

There are some requirements which need to be fixed before we can really 
release Samba 4. Here is a list of things which need to be fixed first:

* Samba 4 needs to be able to link against MIT Kerberos. This is a requriement
  to be shipped with Enterprise distributions. OpenLDAP and CUPS and other
  libraries are linked against MIT Kerberos. It isn't possible to mix this
  with heimdal.

* waf needs to support all configure checks which the Samba3 autoconf
  provides. There are still options and defines missing.

* Linking of shared libraries in Samba4 needs to be fixed. For example take a
  look at libpdb: 'ldd bin/default/source3/' why is it linked to all
  heimdal libraries?

* We need a plan how to integrate smbd in Samba 4. (Multiple daemons are
  preferred over a single bloated binary). If there is none, then I think
  distribution will ship smbd as 4.0 and might ship AD as an unsupported

* We need a working (and tested) migration from existing installations to
  Samba 4.

* The autoconf-only build needs fixing (Volker reports broken).

* Replace source4 winbindd with source3 winbindd.

* Replace source4 smbclient with source3 smbclient (we need to investigate if
  there are more and get them working correctly)


	-- andreas

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