To release Samba 4.0 'as is'

Michael Croes mycroes at
Tue Nov 22 13:54:37 MST 2011

I run Samba 4 from Ubunu Oneiric, with which the Bind DLZ module seems to
be in a sub-optimal state. Because of that I reverted back to a flat file
config, however DNS updates are not working properly, which means my second
DC is not in DNS at all... This might be an error on my side, so I can't
really blame this on Samba without proper investigation.

The part of having to restart Samba is harder. It occurs from time to time,
but I haven't found anything meaningful in the log files yet. Also I
currently don't have any time to investigate this issue, resulting in
manual restarts when needed.

Another one I might add though is that lot of ldap searches (probably over
a single connection) cause the ldap server not to respond (for the single
connection only), which I occassionally see when spammers target half the
company with a single email and postfix does a recipient address lookup. I
would almost call this a feature due to the spam-hindering result.

Op 22 nov. 2011 20:42 schreef "Matthieu Patou" <mat at> het volgende:

> On 22/11/2011 20:23, Michael Croes wrote:
>  I currently have to deal with occassional Samba restarts and half-working
>> DNS, which sucks in production. it's good enough for me to use with around
>> 100 users, but calling this a stable release would be crazy.
>> Regards,
> I'm interested to know what you call a half working DNS and also it's
> interesting to know why you have to occasionally restart samba.
> I have a production with 2 DCs, email relying on LDAP for alias and
> mailbox resolution and I have a script that is monitoring Samba.
> The script tells me when it restarts samba, and I think it occurs maybe
> once every 3 months, I think it's quite ok to call it stable (for the AD-DS
> part).
> But if you can share your problems with us then we can certainly improve
> the situation.
> Matthieu.
> --
> Matthieu Patou
> Samba Team

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