s3 upgrade troubles

Collen cblijenberg at hermanjordan.nl
Fri Nov 18 03:55:53 MST 2011


where busy migrating from samba3 to samba4 with the samba-tool.
so far so good, the samba3upgrade worked, i've been able to
import all the users, computers groups and appropriate domain sid
(came from tdbsam backend)

still i have some troubles or let's call it feedback.

- all accounts are expired, as mentioned in this mail
only the --max-pwd-age=0 work's as workaround.

- i have no user logon names (userprincipalname) only pre2000 names

- most migrated users can not access the shares (\\server\netlogon or 
profiles) only the buildin admin can. or newly made users with 
samba-tool user... checked the file permissions and where ok.

- netbios aliases are not to be reached. (prompts for username/pass)

also how do i do the browsing/printing part of samba3?
i noticed that samba4a17 builds as franky, can i follow the howto on the
wiki as base of experimenting with s3 besides s4 (same host) ??

cheers, Collen

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