SMB2 specific smbtorture tests

Chakradhar thota thota.chakradhar at
Wed Mar 16 06:06:10 MDT 2011

Hi All,
          I have compiled Samba v.3.6-test. I ran ./configure in the samba
directory, compiled and installed the binaries and then ran ./configure in
source3 directory
and installed the binaries as well.

I have doubt regarding SMB2 configuration.

I added a share in my smb.conf file and able to share that to my windows7 PC
as well. BTW I added "max protocol = SMB2" parameter in smb.conf file as
said in WHATSNEW.txt file in samba source directory.
How can I confirm whether samba server running is SMB2 enabled and not SMB.
when I saw the logs in wireshark it's listing protocol as "SMB".  I am
expecting SMB2 as protocol name in the wireshark log.
Am I expecting which I am not suppose to expect?

Please clarify. thanks in advance.


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