Changing the hash in S3?

Rusty Russell rusty at
Wed Jun 15 19:45:40 MDT 2011

As part of my cleanups wrt TDB2, I've switched several places from using
TDB1's tdb_jenkins_hash to CCAN's hash_any function (where TDB's came from).

The difference is that the CCAN version varies with endian; the TDB one
is always little endian (with an associated penalty on big endian

Jeremy, Volker, does it matter?  If these hashes are supposed to be
stable on disk across upgrades, I'll switch it to hash_stable() (which
is *exactly* the same hash as tdb_jenkins_hash).


source3/smbd/files.c's file_name_hash():;a=commitdiff;h=b74920c3c16182e8806393466cc0239666b6c902

source3/libsmb/smb_share_modes.c's smb_name_hash():;a=commitdiff;h=942bc7121efd2a5d5d16a1d6faf54363ad1614e6

source3/lib/util.c'c str_checksum:;a=commitdiff;h=923e773a2a7e3346b2f9745e25d438822417ffb2

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