[GSoC] Weekly report - Gui complete , New Branch

Jelmer Vernooij jvernooij at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 05:37:34 MDT 2011

Hi Dhananjay,

Thanks for the update.

On 22/07/11 13:13, Dhananjay Sathe wrote:
> This week went as planned , i finished up the base gui and most of the 
> related functions . I should soon have a working fully functional tool 
> ready.
> Now i need to link the GUI and the various callbacks i have created, 
> once i finish with the few remaining functions/callbacks.
> Here are the screen-shots:
>   * https://gitorious.org/samba-gtk-frequent-personal/samba-gtk-merged/blobs/master/gsoc-2011-extras/screenshots/base-gui-1.png
>   * https://gitorious.org/samba-gtk-frequent-personal/samba-gtk-merged/blobs/master/gsoc-2011-extras/screenshots/base-gui-2.png
> They need some more polishing , and are a few changes behind, PLEASE 
> let me know what you think , and suggest any changes that come to your 
> mind.
Cool, you seem to be on the right track. Do you also have some 
screenshots with some shares?

Beware, nitpicks ahead:

* I like that the share fields have clear groups
* "Special flags" doesn't appear to be aligned the same as "Share Type"
* Displaying the password is probably not a good idea; the password 
field is also rarely used these days. Perhaps just show "Share password 
enabled" if there is a password?

  * The server details seem to have a lot of unused space between the fields
  * The data is displayed in a very sparse way. E.g. I would expect a 
"Version: 5.2 " field rather than separate fields for major and minor 
  * If max users is set to -1 (as is the case here), I think the field 
should be hidden
  * SV_TYPE_CLUSTER_VS_NT/PLATFORM_ID_NT are the internal constants; 
users are unlikely to make much sense of them; it would be nice if the 
tool displayed a user-friendly description instead ("Windows XP", 
"Windows Vista Business", etc).
  * I'm not sure what Announce/anndelta is; is it worth displaying?

> The complete updated and merged repo now sits at
>   * https://git.gitorious.org/samba-gtk-frequent-personal/samba-gtk-merged.git
>   * git://gitorious.org/samba-gtk-frequent-personal/samba-gtk-merged.git
>     <http://gitorious.org/samba-gtk-frequent-personal/samba-gtk-merged.git>
Thanks. The first URL gives a 404, it appears it should be 


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