samba3 raw.mux smtorture test is flaky

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Mon Feb 21 21:24:54 MST 2011


I've pushed an update to the s3 selftest system, and it is now much more
reliable.  During one of my tests, I found that raw.mux isn't reliable,
and failed for me with the output I include below.

It does not always fail, but I'm sure you want to move this back into
the selftest as soon as possible.  Is there any chance you can look over


Using seed 1298341107
dos charset 'CP850' unavailable - using ASCII
Testing multiplexed open/open/close
send first open
send 2nd open, non-conflicting
send 3rd open, conflicting
bad timeout for conflict - 0.10 should be 1.0
send async open, conflicting
send 2nd async open, conflicting
close first sync open
cancel 2nd async open (should be ignored)
close the 2nd sync open
see if the 1st async open now succeeded
async open delay 0.00
2nd async open should have timed out
bad timeout for async conflict - 0.10 should be 1.0
close the 1st async open
Testing multiplexed lock/write/close
establishing a lock
the second lock will conflict with the first
this will too, but we'll unlock while waiting
unlock the first range
recv the async reply
async lock took 265.40 msec
failed to trigger early lock retry
UNEXPECTED(error): samba3.posix_s3.raw.mux.mux
REASON: _StringException: _StringException: Unknown error/failure

command: bin/smbtorture4 --configfile=$SMB_CONF_PATH --maximum-runtime=
--option=torture:sharedelay=100000 --option=torture:progress=no
--format=subunit $LISTOPT //$SERVER_IP/tmp -U$USERNAME%$PASSWORD raw.mux
$LOADLIST 2>&1 | /data/samba-4/selftest/filter-subunit $LISTOPT
--fail-on-empty --prefix="samba3.posix_s3.raw.mux."
expanded command: bin/smbtorture4
--maximum-runtime=1200 --target=samba3
--option=torture:sharedelay=100000 --option=torture:progress=no
--format=subunit $LISTOPT // -Uabartlet%localdc2pass
raw.mux $LOADLIST 2>&1 | /data/samba-4/selftest/filter-subunit $LISTOPT
--fail-on-empty --prefix="samba3.posix_s3.raw.mux."
ERROR: Testsuite[samba3.posix_s3.raw.mux(dc)]
REASON: Exit code was 1


Andrew Bartlett                      
Authentication Developer, Samba Team 
Samba Developer, Cisco Inc.

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