[GSoC] - rpc conf update for 15th August

Vicentiu Ciorbaru cvicentiu at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 12:36:16 MDT 2011


This week I have completed most of the torture tests required for the
new module. The tests have both a local and rpc variant, making them
suitable both for net conf, as well as net rpc conf. Every command of
the conf module is tested in order to ensure the integrity of the
manipulated/outputted data.

The tests print the commands ran in a log file as well as specific
messages in some error cases. The integrity of the printing functions is
tested during the tests for the other functions. If the tests fail it
could either be due to the data manipulation functions failing (such as
setparm, delparm, addshare etc) or the listing functions themselves.
Either way, the tests should be easy to debug as they generate secondary
files with either a _out or _exp ending. The _out ending file is what
the command outputed and the _exp file is the comparison one. If they do
not match, they can be examined to see where it is the tests fail.

I have also began adding to the net conf manual pages and have re-read
the code to possibly spot errors. 

I plan to finish documenting my code, cleaning it up and getting it
ready for the final evaluation. 

Vicentiu Ciorbaru

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