[GSoC] - rpc conf update (due on 7th August)

Vicentiu Ciorbaru cvicentiu at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 12:24:33 MDT 2011


This email is a status report that was due on the 7th of August but it
failed to send.

This week I managed to complete a lot of the loose ends that were left
from the previous week. I have finished all of net rpc conf functions
and have begun writing torture tests for them.

The problems that I faced with my code were mostly related to net rpc
conf import function. The function was a bit more difficult to write as
it did not follow the exact same logic as the previous ones. I managed
to get it running eventually and it now works accordingly.

I have also run some thorough tests on the other functions to make sure
they behave correctly.

What remains to be done is a writing a testsuite for the new rpc conf


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