Martinsson Patrik patrik.martinsson at
Wed Sep 15 11:08:25 MDT 2010

Hello everyone, 

I've created a small patch that calls the doDNSUpdate function for all
the nameservers (if necessary ofc.) that is returned from the DNS. 
This is necessary if you have nameservers that aren't all "handled" by
the "Windows DNS". In our case we have 3 Nameservers that are "handled"
by the "Windows DNS" and 2 Bind-servers that aren't. 
So when you ask our "Windows DNS" for it's NS records, it returns 5
servers (3 Win 2 Bind). If a Bind-server is returned first in that
NS-list, the update will fail (which makes sense), without even trying
the other nameservers. 

So basically, this patch tries to update the first nameserver that is
returned, if it fails it tries the next one and so on. If it succeeds,
it finishes as before.
I've tested it out and it works as expected. 

Now, I'm no network-administrator, and I've been told that this setup is
a bit _weird_ and probably not the typical case, however it may exist
out there and i think that samba should be able to handle it. 

All the qutes is because I'm a bit uncertain about the correct formal
terms ;) 

Any comments ?

Best regards, 
Patrik Martinsson, Sweden. 

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