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Mon Nov 8 08:30:06 MST 2010

Hi Fábio,

Fábio Cordeiro wrote:
> Problems with distributed file systems for CTDB.
> Someone recommended a filesystem to the CTDB.

in principle you can use GlusterFS and GFS2 and OCFS2
for samba+ctdb. I can not say anything definitive
about Lustre, but as far as I know it should work
in principle, too.

The cluster file system that has seen the most thorough
testing is probably IBM's proprietory GPFS file system.

You should make sure that the file system supports
POSIX fcntl byte range locks (--> ping_pong test).

Fábio Cordeiro wrote:
> I was experimenting with GlusterFS and he is working well, but I can not
> cause the CTDB recognize the mount point that points to the network
> GlusterFS.:

Sorry, I don't understand, what you mean here.
Can you elaborate, what the problem is?

> What setting should be used in smb.conf for GlusterFS.
> I could not understand how to do this by setting Wiki.
There is no required file-sysstem specific
configuration to samba or ctdb. For samba and CTDB,
the file systems are a black box. For some
file systems, samba provides special vfs modules,
that can take advantage of specific features of the
file system. The gpfs vfs module is an example of such
a file system module for a cluster file system.

I myself had set up a GlusterFS cluster for testing.
Settig up gluster is especially easy since it is fuse
based and hence does not require special kernel modules or so.
But there may be issues. Be sure to test any file system
thoroughly for data and locking consistency.
For Gluster, you should make sure you use the
feature/posix-locks (or feature/locks) in your

> I'm still trying to GFS2 run, but I'm not getting the material that he
> found on the network is weak. Does anyone have some good stuff for me to
> indicate, or some tips related to the GFS for CTDB.

I don't have cook book for setting up GFS2.
I did it once following instructions by red hat
(web sites and such). I admit that setting up GFS2 does
require some configuration, but it can be done. Maybe seek
help in an appropriate irc-help-channle? Once you got a gfs2 mounted,
simply point your samba shares and ctdb reclock file to it.

I know that there are GFS2 clusters out there in production.
So it can be done.

Cheers - Michael

> Thanks
> Fábio Cordeiro
> Centro de Recursos Computacionais
> PUC Minas em Guanhães
> fabioleandro at
> fabio at
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