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Fábio Cordeiro fabioleandro at
Mon Nov 8 10:20:55 MST 2010

Hi Adam,
Thanks for the help.

Part of GlusterFS I have not been clear is the following:
- Did you install GlusterFS and it worked fine. But I do not know how to
configure the smb. Conf to point to the directory riding
ex: /mnt/gluster.

I think it is like this:
# Clustering = yes
# Idmap backend = tdb2
# Private dir = /mnt/gluster/
# Fileid: mapping = fsname
# Use mmap = no

Another question is about the CTDB folders that must be in file-system
As I understand it has to be those containing the lock file:
-------------------------------------------------- -----
# # CTDB_RECOVERY_LOCK = "/ mnt / gluster / ctdb.lock"
-------------------------------------------------- -------
 And also share in this directory
# [Share]
# Path = / mnt / gluster /
# Vfs objects = = fileid
-------------------------------------------------- -

I hope I was clear.

Thanks for the help.

Fábio Cordeiro
CRC - PUC Minas

Em Seg, 2010-11-08 às 16:30 +0100, Michael Adam escreveu:
> Hi Fábio,
> Fábio Cordeiro wrote:
> > Problems with distributed file systems for CTDB.
> > 
> > Someone recommended a filesystem to the CTDB.
> in principle you can use GlusterFS and GFS2 and OCFS2
> for samba+ctdb. I can not say anything definitive
> about Lustre, but as far as I know it should work
> in principle, too.
> The cluster file system that has seen the most thorough
> testing is probably IBM's proprietory GPFS file system.
> You should make sure that the file system supports
> POSIX fcntl byte range locks (--> ping_pong test).
> Fábio Cordeiro wrote:
> > I was experimenting with GlusterFS and he is working well, but I can not
> > cause the CTDB recognize the mount point that points to the network
> > GlusterFS.:
> Sorry, I don't understand, what you mean here.
> Can you elaborate, what the problem is?
> > What setting should be used in smb.conf for GlusterFS.
> > I could not understand how to do this by setting Wiki.
> > 
> There is no required file-sysstem specific
> configuration to samba or ctdb. For samba and CTDB,
> the file systems are a black box. For some
> file systems, samba provides special vfs modules,
> that can take advantage of specific features of the
> file system. The gpfs vfs module is an example of such
> a file system module for a cluster file system.
> I myself had set up a GlusterFS cluster for testing.
> Settig up gluster is especially easy since it is fuse
> based and hence does not require special kernel modules or so.
> But there may be issues. Be sure to test any file system
> thoroughly for data and locking consistency.
> For Gluster, you should make sure you use the
> feature/posix-locks (or feature/locks) in your
> config.
> > I'm still trying to GFS2 run, but I'm not getting the material that he
> > found on the network is weak. Does anyone have some good stuff for me to
> > indicate, or some tips related to the GFS for CTDB.
> I don't have cook book for setting up GFS2.
> I did it once following instructions by red hat
> (web sites and such). I admit that setting up GFS2 does
> require some configuration, but it can be done. Maybe seek
> help in an appropriate irc-help-channle? Once you got a gfs2 mounted,
> simply point your samba shares and ctdb reclock file to it.
> I know that there are GFS2 clusters out there in production.
> So it can be done.
> Cheers - Michael
> > Thanks
> > 
> > Fábio Cordeiro
> > Centro de Recursos Computacionais
> > PUC Minas em Guanhães
> > fabioleandro at
> > fabio at

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