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Fábio Cordeiro fabioleandro at
Mon Nov 8 05:54:01 MST 2010

Problems with distributed file systems for CTDB.

Someone recommended a filesystem to the CTDB.
I was experimenting with GlusterFS and he is working well, but I can not
cause the CTDB recognize the mount point that points to the network
What setting should be used in smb.conf for GlusterFS.
I could not understand how to do this by setting Wiki.

I'm still trying to GFS2 run, but I'm not getting the material that he
found on the network is weak. Does anyone have some good stuff for me to
indicate, or some tips related to the GFS for CTDB.

Another is that I'm trying to run LustreFS, but he does not run as a
server or FEDORA CentOS. So I'm trying to run it and access it on Debian
by FEDORA. This is clearest in the CTDB WIKI how to proceed in smb.conf
to configure, the problem is that to run it in debian has to return the
kernel version and am having difficulties with it.

In short, I need any help with this urgent issue of filesytem for CTDB.

I'm using Fedora14 for CTDB and Debian 5 to FileSystem.


Fábio Cordeiro
Centro de Recursos Computacionais
PUC Minas em Guanhães
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