Commit 086c6c0e9a56f7e6dca6c1398e210b8c6225e4ed

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Wed May 26 22:59:12 MDT 2010

Hi Björn,

> the changed version of this commit doesn't do what the previous one did and
> breaks some builds like the one on Tru64. In the worst case others might have
> silently broken thread support now. The previous version was intended to set
> CFLAGS for the compiles of certain object files that need it. Other object
> files may not have that CFLAGS, that's why it's not allowed to set them
> globally. I know that this was written in a GNU make fashion but we had known
> GNU make dependencies also on other places in the past. I'd love to write this
> object file based CFLAGS up in a non GNU way but I don't know how. Before we
> end up with broken thread support I'd propose to reintroduce the gmake
> dependency again (at least for now...).

Can't that be solved in the same way we build dynconfig.o with different


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