Corrupted GPO

George Lazar at
Tue Jun 29 04:37:52 MDT 2010

Hi Matthieu,

I have attached the output of the command that you sent.
I will send a screen shot with GPMC if necessary but for example now the
only error I've got when I click on GPO: "The system cannot open the device
or file specified"

Regarding the output, the GPO I was creating when I started to receive
"there is not enough space" is record no. 13... (Themes Enabled GPO)

The content of /usr/local/samba/var/locks/.. doesn't seems not unusual. I
have there all the policies owned by 3000008 as before.

Important: sometimes when I insist on the GPMC console I got other errors
(mentioned before)
and also the LDAP authentication stop working and I have to reboot the vm.

George putty.log 

Matthieu Patou-7 wrote:
>   Hi George,
>> I'm using Samba 4 alpha12 from about 6 months in a production environment
>> with ~ 150 users. Yesterday I have created an new GPO and when I was
>> adding
>> users on the security section I was started to receive error messages
>> like:
>> "There is not enough space on the disk", "Cannot find object", etc.
>> This turned in to an corrupted GPO, basically now I can't see the
>> existing
>> GPOs and I can't delete the new created GPO...
> What tool are you using ? gpmc ? can you send a screenshot ?
> What is the content of 
> /usr/local/samba/private/lockdir/sysvol/<domain>/Policies
> What is the result of  ldbsearch -s sub -H ldap://localhost -b 
> CN=Policies,CN=System,DC=... dn ?
>> I need a way similar with: dcgpofix /ignoreschema (this can be runed only
>> from Windows 2003)
>> to fix the GPOs.
>> I didn't tried (yet) to add an Windows 2003 on the domain and try from
>> there.
> We do not have (yet) this kind of tool, feel free to send us a patch to 
> implement it !
> -- 
> Matthieu Patou
> Samba Team
> putty.log 
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