samba-3.5.4 compile error

Christian Mensing mensing at
Thu Aug 26 07:32:47 MDT 2010


I was building samba-3.5.4 (source3) on an irix 6.5.30 system
(origin 300) using the MIPSpro Compilers: Version 7.4.3m
and the linker Version 7.43.
During compilation I run into minor problems which I want to report
for future versions.(I am not a programmer)



$srcdir/configure \
     --prefix=/usr/local/$vers \
     --libdir=/usr/local/$vers/lib \
     --with-libiconv=/usr/share/local \
| tee $srcdir/my_config.log

## --------- ##
## Platform. ##
## --------- ##

hostname = ionesco
uname -m = IP35
uname -r = 6.5
uname -s = IRIX64

During compilation of source3, 3 errors occurred:

1)  tdb.h was not found
                     (possibly this pertains only to source3)
                     after linking lib/tdb/include/tdb.h
                     into the include directory things continued

2)  fails to compile libsmb_cache.c

                     error: smbc_smb_encrypt_level undefined

-> libsmbclient.h was not found in the expected libsmb directory:

    after linking include/libsmbclient.h into libsmb things continued

3) fails to compile switch/wbinfo.c

-> popt_common.h was not found in the lib/cmdline directory

the include on line 30 was changed from
#include "lib/cmdline/popt_common.h"
#include "popt_common.h"

then things concluded successfully.

irix linker: unknown option: -as-needed (ignored)
                            : error_unresolved (ignored)

Thank you very much for the great work!

Best regards

Christian Mensing

ETH Zürich
Christian Mensing
Lab. für Anorganische Chemie
HCI H107
Wolfgang-Pauli-Strasse 10
CH 8093 Zürich

mensing at

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