proposal: merge waf build of s4 to master

tridge at tridge at
Mon Apr 5 02:58:40 MDT 2010

Hi Volker,

 > Go to an arbitrary default Solaris/AIX/Whatever box (Solaris
 > is most popular for me), download samba-latest.tar.gz, type
 > in ./configure;make and get a (possibly not fancy) smbd.

I presume you wouldn't mind if the non-python version was called
something other than configure?

For stage 2 of the proposed build change, the autotools build would be
./configure. If we decide to go to stage 3 for Samba3 (where the new
build system becomes the default), then I'd suggest that the old
configure script have a different name, so that ./configure gets the
primary build system for the project.

Currently I have used ./ for the waf-wip branch. At
stage 3 this would become, and the old would get
a new name (maybe )

We could do the same for configure.

 > I personally am not really concerned about tdb as a separate
 > package, so I should probably not have stepped into the discussion
 > at this point. Sorry for that.

no worries - I wondered why you were concerned about the standalone
library builds.

In case it is useful, I include below the script I added to the build
farm for adding python on systems that don't have it. It shows that
automating the build/install of python is quite easy. 

While I don't think we need to do this now, if we ended up with nobody
maintaining the old build system at some point then we could include a
script like this in Something like this:

  if ! which python; then
      echo "Python is needed for samba to build"
      echo "Would you like me to download and install pyton now?"
      read answer
      if [ "$answer" = "yes" ]; then
         script/ || exit 1

It would need some tweaks for checking python libs etc, so the above
is just to start some discussion on the general idea.

That wouldn't work when you are on a customer site that has no net
access, but I'm guessing you would download the python tarball from at the same time as you download the samba tarball.

Cheers, Tridge

# this script should be . included into the fns file
# of any system that needs an update to its python install

export PATH


do_install_python() {
       mkdir -p python_install || exit 1
       rsync -avz$VERSION.tar python_install || exit 1
       cd python_install || exit 1;
       rm -rf $VERSION || exit 1
       tar -xf $VERSION.tar || exit 1
       cd $VERSION || exit 1
       ./configure --prefix=$HOME/python --disable-ipv6 || exit 1
       make || exit 1
       make install || exit 1
       cd ../.. || exit 1
       rm -rf python_install || exit 1
       rsync install_python.fns $HOME/python || exit 1
   ) > install_python.$host.log 2>&1

   rsync  -c -q --password-file=.password -z --timeout=200 install_python.$host.log $host at

if ! test -d $HOME/python || ! cmp install_python.fns $HOME/python/install_python.fns; then
   # needs to be installed

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