salting in Samba4

Andrew Kroeger andrew at
Thu Oct 1 05:31:21 MDT 2009

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> Don't bother - just import the ktutil from Heimdal into the heimdal/
> tree and build it like the other heimdal utilities with heimdal_build/


When you refer to importing the ktutil from heimdal, are you thinking 
about a one-shot import, or do you envision modifying the heimdal import 
process/scripts so that ktutil is brought in and all future updates are 
also included as part of any future imports/updates?  If the latter, do 
you have any pointers as to where I should start?

I have looked at the "automated" scripts from Metze for updating to a 
newer heimdal codebase, but I cannot seem to grasp how those scripts 
grab the core heimdal library functionality but leave the utilities out 
of what is imported.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I assume we would want to integrate the 
import of the ktutil code as part of the update scripts.  We want to 
pull updated code for ktutil every time we run the scripts that pull 
updated code from the heimdal repository, correct?

I appreciate any help you can provide with this matter.

Andrew Kroeger

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