DRSUAPI torture tests refactoring - work in progress

Anatoliy Atanasov anatoliy.atanasov at postpath.com
Thu Oct 1 03:00:22 MDT 2009

Hi Kamen, 
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> Subject: RE: DRSUAPI torture tests refactoring - work in progress
> Hi,
> Please find attached few patches for RPC-DRSUAPI test.
> Now RPC-RPCDRSUAPI test passes against w2k3-R2.
> It still does not run against W2K8-R2 - torture_join_domain()
> still does not work in my test environment against W2K8.
> NOTE: Those patches depends on "win32_errors" series of
> patches as DsUpdateReplicaRefs() uses some error codes
> introduced in "win32_errors" patches.



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