Shared Directory parameter for some tdb files

Michael Adam obnox at
Mon Jan 12 12:02:50 GMT 2009

Hi Steven,

Looks very good to me. I pushed your patch to master!

It is very good that this finally gets sorted out. Thanks!

I think that this one will be for 3.4.0 though and not
for 3.3 since this is past the rc-stage and packagers
have probably adapted their packaging to 3.3.0 already.

Cheers - Michael

Steven Danneman wrote:
> > I think the proper plan is:
> > 
> > 1) Make STATEDIR and CACHEDIR configurable through autoconf as well as
> > loadparm, and make them default to LOCKDIR.  This makes them first
> > class
> > citizens, not just usable with FHS.
> > 
> > I'm working on a patch to do all this right now and it seems straight
> > forward.
> Hey Michael,
> Attached is a patch to take care of item 1).  I've made STATEDIR and
> CACHEDIR settable configure options, as well as added "state directory"
> and "cache directory" loadparm.c options.  The default value for each,
> if they are not set during the configure stage or in smb.conf is the
> value in LOCKDIR.  This makes the patch fully backwards compatible.
> Anyone currently using only LOCKDIR will see no difference in behavior.
> If either new parameter is specifically set it will then have it's own
> value.
> Tell me what you think and I'll push it.   Next up is to audit the calls
> to lock_path() and lp_lockdir().
> -Steven 

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