Shared Directory parameter for some tdb files

Steven Danneman steven.danneman at
Mon Jan 12 05:58:38 GMT 2009

> I think the proper plan is:
> 1) Make STATEDIR and CACHEDIR configurable through autoconf as well as
> loadparm, and make them default to LOCKDIR.  This makes them first
> class
> citizens, not just usable with FHS.
> I'm working on a patch to do all this right now and it seems straight
> forward.

Hey Michael,

Attached is a patch to take care of item 1).  I've made STATEDIR and
CACHEDIR settable configure options, as well as added "state directory"
and "cache directory" loadparm.c options.  The default value for each,
if they are not set during the configure stage or in smb.conf is the
value in LOCKDIR.  This makes the patch fully backwards compatible.
Anyone currently using only LOCKDIR will see no difference in behavior.
If either new parameter is specifically set it will then have it's own

Tell me what you think and I'll push it.   Next up is to audit the calls
to lock_path() and lp_lockdir().

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