Oliver Liebel oliver at itc.li
Tue Feb 24 04:15:37 MST 2009

Andrew Bartlett schrieb:
> No worries.  I've committed the patch with some of your earlier message
> as commit message.
great, thank you.
> What we are missing at the moment however are tests.  We need to detect
> in configure if we have the right version of OpenLDAP, 
 maybe we can start with the slapd-path as a configure-script-option,
e.g. --with-slapd=/usr/local/libexec/
and a verification of slapd -V - output ( >=2.4.15)

> and to then to do
> a provision-backend (at the very least) as part of 'make test'.   As the
> saying goes: untested code is broken code (and if not broken now, it
> will break as time moves forward)
yes, thats surely right.
maybe we could use the same procedures as in provision.py and
but at the moment, i have no idea (and practice), how to implement this
a part of "make test".
where (what files) would be the right point to start?
> Also let me know if there are additional changes you need made from the
> patch I've committed (you had some small fixes as I recall)
ok. i will pull the latest version from git and see if additional
changes are needed.

thanks for all
> Andrew Bartlett

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