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Fri Apr 3 03:15:49 GMT 2009

On Wed, 2009-01-14 at 07:13 -0700, Howard Gregory wrote:
> Hello all,
> Please pardon me if these questions are off-topic for this list.  I'd
> appreciate a pointer to the correct forum.

Yes it is, for Samba4 questions.  I'm sorry I didn't spot your question
earlier.  I figure I may as well reply for reference.

> I am trying to benchmark the performance difference between SMB and SMB2
> as hosted by a PowerPC-based platform.  I've been trying to do this with
> samba-4.0.0alpha5.  I have learned the hard way that my dirt-simple
> share-security-based Samba 3.0.32 configuration won't drop in easily to
> Samba 4.

BTW, Samba4 uses smb signing more often, so make sure this is disabled
for benchmarks. 

> My setup consists of the PowerPC-based Samba server connected by a
> single Gigabit Ethernet cable to a Windows client machine.  As far as I
> can tell neither system is a member of any "domain".  Although smbd
> compiles and runs on the server, neither XP nor Vista clients can
> connect to the share.  Even the "administrator" user fails.  After doing
> a bit of digging, I have a few questions:
> 1) Is SMB2 actually usable in Samba 4?  The WHATSNEW.TXT file talks
> about the SMB2 server being "disabled"; do I need to provide some
> different options at compile time in order to turn it on?  Or is it just
> not ready to use?

It can be turned on by setting 'max protocol = smb2' I think.

> 2) Assuming SMB2 is functional, is it still the case that share-level
> security is not yet supported in Samba 4?


> 3) I want to have my configuration be as "wide open" as possible in
> terms of security.  In the absence of "share" security, how do I set up
> a user or users with NO password, NO authentication, and all access
> types allowed?

Best to just setup a user I think.  I'm not sure what state the 'guest'
access is in.

> 4) Likewise, I have tried to configure my Samba server as "standalone",
> as I want to avoid any entanglements with domain controllers or Active
> Directory.  Is there anything special I need to do to turn these
> features off?

Just provision as a standalone server.

Andrew Bartlett
Authentication Developer, Samba Team 
Samba Developer, Red Hat Inc.
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