Samba4 alpha5 `file not found' issue

Petar Bogdanovic petar at
Tue Oct 28 18:32:10 GMT 2008


a few weeks ago I replaced an old MS ADC with Samba4 and was amazed by
the fact how trouble-free this procedure was.

This week however, when I tried to copy large directory trees on a
central share (available to all domain users), the xp clients randomly
refused to copy _some_ subdirectories / files in subdirectories and told
me that file can't be found since it doesn't exist.

I checked the logs but there was nothing of use and then I found this

mentioning ``Fix 'file not found' errors from clients''..

Here is our (pretty simple) smbd.conf:

		netbios name	= atlas
		workgroup	= DOMAIN
		realm		= DOMAIN.TLD
		server role	= domain controller

		path = /usr/local/var/locks/sysvol/domain.tld/scripts
		read only = no

		path = /usr/local/var/locks/sysvol
		read only = no

		path = /opt/smb/all
		create mask = 0777
		read only = no

		path = /opt/smb/users/john
		read only = no

Have I [1]missed something?



[1] I checked the howto multiple times just to be sure:

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