Samba and Application Response Measurement (ARM 4.0)

James Peach jorgar at
Sun Mar 23 22:00:47 GMT 2008

On 23/03/2008, Sven Kubiak <sk at> wrote:
> After looking at all (well, most of) the "PROFILE stuff" i think this is the
>  best way to implment the monitoring we are looking for. From the measuring
>  point of view, the profiling does the same as ARM. The only difference is
>  that we want to break down measuring into a set of calls, e.g. a specific
>  client which is mounting a network drive as one "transaction". As i see it,
>  Samba profiling counts and measures the specific smb commands in total.
>  Please correct me, if i am wrong.
>  Unfortunatly i didn't get the profiling to work, yet. I used the
>  configuration option --with-profile and enabled profiling using smbcontrol,
>  but didn't find any output so far. Does the profiling uses a seperate
>  logfile or do i have to setup a monitor like pcp? Is the pcp example coming
>  with Samba 3 still up to date?

No, the PCP PMDA in the Samba3 tree has bitrotted substantially.

There is a new PMDA in this svn branch:

This PMDA exports the metrics from the profile subsystem, and well as
extra per-client and per-share counters. It should be straight-forward
to extend it.

>  I found and old release note for Samba 2.2.1, which mentioned that the
>  profile collection degradation was about 8.5%.

If you are just counting events, then last time I measured it the
impact was negligible. The impact of measuring response times is
significantly more, and depends on the timing facilities of the OS.

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