Alternate Data Stream bug in Samba 3.*

lipson kevin.lisong at
Wed Aug 27 10:51:14 GMT 2008

Hi all,

     Recently I tried all the methods I can think of to setup Samba server
with ADS (Alternate Data Stream) support. And I was really frustrated. 
     First of all, I got "network is busy" error message on Samba 3.2.0 Also
the bug has been verified. And then I gave another try to Samba 3.2.1. But
it resulted with "cann't not find the specific file any more". Seem like the
"network is busy" problem came back to Samba 3.3.0. 

     So I was sort of desperate. Anyone who has encountered the problem, pls
give a me hint. Thanks a lot!

Best Regards
Lisong Guo
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