access idmap cache directly from smbd

simo idra at
Tue Aug 26 22:39:01 GMT 2008

On Tue, 2008-08-26 at 16:45 -0400, Sean O'Malley wrote:
> I agree with Simo. An hour is reasonable.
> The default nscd positive cache timeout is 1 hour.
> You have a couple of things going on. First is finding stale cache is a
> pain. You made the changes, and it still doesnt work. ... You get calls.
> I -assume- maybe incorrectly there is no way to clear the cache the
> without restarting the whole server, which with a 7 day cache timeout
> means any major changes you have to restart the server which can cause
> issues for people.
> Also just out of curiousity how much time vs memory are we talking about
> saving? At what point is it going to be faster to just look up the data
> versus looking in the cache? Is there a default cache size limit?

There isn't a real size limit.
Except, perhaps, for pathological cases it shouldn't become too big. And
the cost of retrieving an entry from LDAP is probably always going to be
much higher than a couple of lookups through mmaped memory.


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