[PATCH] 2/2: Associate file locations to newly introduced path variables

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Tue Oct 16 16:20:18 GMT 2007

Quoting Gerald (Jerry) Carter (jerry at samba.org):

> > @@ -66,7 +66,7 @@
> >             winbindd_cache.tdb open.  Open the tdb if a NULL is passed. */
> >  
> >  	if (!tdb) {
> > -		tdb = tdb_open_log(lock_path("winbindd_cache.tdb"), 
> > +		tdb = tdb_open_log(cache_path("winbindd_cache.tdb"), 
> >  				   TDB_DEFAULT, O_RDWR, 0600);
> ....
> > -	cache_fname = lock_path("idmap_cache.tdb");
> > +	cache_fname = cache_path("idmap_cache.tdb");
> >  
> >  	DEBUG(10, ("Opening cache file at %s\n", cache_fname));
> We've had this discussion before and your patch still suffers
> from the same assumptions.  Tdb files may operate as both

Sorry for appearing to beat an old horse...

> cache and persistent state.  For example, the idmap_cache.tdb
> and winbindd_cache.tdb are required for offline logons.

The content of /var/cache/foo is not removed between reboots. Here the
work "discardable" may be confusing, maybe.... Let's rather use "not
necessarily backed up"

> If you remove the $(lockdir)/printing/*tdb, an print jobs sent
> by Windows clients that are held in the print queue after a reboot
> will now appear as "Remote Downlevel Document".

Here as well, the point is more about the need to back up stuff than
discard it (between reboots or not).

The point about idmap_cache and winbindd_cache and offline logons is
interesting. What I understand there is that you suggest that such
files should also be backed up, right?

In such case, we should then move them back to /var/lib/samba

> I can give you the data_path() changes.  But -1 on the state and cache
> path separation.  FHS-compliant or not, in this respect, the Debian
> packages break Samba functionality.

Well, I have to disagree here: as long as the default values are not
changed, Samba behaviour does not change. That was the point of
breaking our big fhs.patch in 3 parts.

Your comment certainly applies to the third patch of this series, the
one I *didn't* forward, which is the one that changes the location for
state and cache paths from /var/lib/samba to /var/cache/samba and

Steve (Langasek), please comment....I know you have input here.

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