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Fri Oct 5 15:38:58 GMT 2007

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[Portion of discusion metze and I had off-list]

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:

> Is there a strict need to have an extra samba-blender repo?
> I think it would be more useful to have just one single
> shared repo and just have an 'update' hook, which controls
> the access, so everybody would have commit access to -unstable
> and release managers would also have access to -test and -stable
> and the right to create release- tags.

OK.  I'll concede on this point.  It doesn't change the
work flow and does not prevent developers without ssh
access to from interacting in the process.

So to summarize the current work flow model:

* We have -unstable which anyone with ssh access to can push to for build farm testing
  (run several times per day).
* We have -test which is under the control of the RM
  to pull changes from other developer -test trees.
  Buildfarm will run once per day.
* We have -stable which is under control of the RM to
  pull changes from the official -test tree.  Buildfarm
  runs once per week.

cheers, jerry
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