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Thu Oct 4 22:39:53 GMT 2007

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Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
>> Now I do my work on each feature in its own branch.  When I want
>> to push to the build farm, I do the following: [1]
>>   $ git checkout -b v3-2-unstable blender/v3-2-unstable
>>   $ git merge foo
>>   $ git merge bar
> ...
>> [1] Since the "unstable" tree is so different from "test", it
>>     might be better to throw the current "unstable" away and
>>     branch it against from "test".  Otherwise, the git-merge
>>     may turn into a git-cherry-pick.
> This is definitely going to have to be a cherry-pick.  A git-merge
> will bring in everything from "git-log".

ok.  Sorry.  It works out that because of how I branched
the v3-2-test tree from v3-2-unstable, if you

  $ git checkout -b foo blender/v3-2-unstable

Then you can then,

  $ git checkout -b v3-2-unstable blender/v3-2-unstable
  $ git merge foo

Now to request a pull, you create a foo-test branch

   $ git checkout -b foo-test origin/v3-2-test
   $ git merge foo

Why does it work this way and not if you branch foo from
v3-2-test?  Because v3-2-test was originally v3-2-unstable + 1
commit to bring it inline with the SAMBA_3_2_0 tree.
"git-log blender/v3-2-unstable..origin/v3-2-test" will show
the commit, while "git-log origin/v3-2-test..blender/v3-2-unstable"
shows no remaining changes.  So therefore, the merge from
foo -> v3-2-unstable  and foo -> foo-test will only pick up
the changes specific to foo. :-)

cheers, jerry

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