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Fri Oct 5 16:01:01 GMT 2007

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Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> [Portion of discusion metze and I had off-list]
> Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:
>> Is there a strict need to have an extra samba-blender repo?
>> I think it would be more useful to have just one single
>> shared repo and just have an 'update' hook, which controls
>> the access, so everybody would have commit access to -unstable
>> and release managers would also have access to -test and -stable
>> and the right to create release- tags.
> OK.  I'll concede on this point.  It doesn't change the
> work flow and does not prevent developers without ssh
> access to from interacting in the process.
> So to summarize the current work flow model:
> * We have -unstable which anyone with ssh access to
> can push to for build farm testing
>   (run several times per day).
> * We have -test which is under the control of the RM
>   to pull changes from other developer -test trees.
>   Buildfarm will run once per day.
> * We have -stable which is under control of the RM to
>   pull changes from the official -test tree.  Buildfarm
>   runs once per week.

I'll probably wait until the real swap over to implement this.
Right now I'm working on the hook scripts in the samba-blender
repo to send mail and I'll investigate the access control.

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