Debian patches: end of batch

Christian Perrier bubulle at
Wed May 30 21:09:01 GMT 2007

Looking more closely at Debian patches, I only find two remining
patches that could need to be forwarded but require further
investigation/preparation on our side:

- one patch for locking issues in smbstatus
- the big one: the so-called "FHS" patch which is aimed to better
  respect the FHS, by using dedicated directories for:
      - discardable cache data (/var/cache/samba):
          browse.dat, printers.tbd, <printer>.tdb
      - non discardable state data:
          all TDB files that may need to be backed up
      - shared data (/usr/share/samba):
          codepage stuff

  that patch currently has issues such as preventing running more
  that one instance of samba on a single machine and the like. This is
  quite certainly the most debatable and invasive one. One of our user
  proposed a rewrite to make ti cleaner so we'll discuss first
  internally before submitting it.

I will do my best to forward them later, so please consider that the
current batch ends up with the [5/10] patch..:-)

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