[Samba] Restricting to a subset of the domain controllers on a site

McCall, Don (GSE-WTEC-Alpharetta) don.mccall at hp.com
Wed May 30 21:11:58 GMT 2007

Hi Jerry,
I have a question about the 'private' krb4.conf file that gets generated
for this case.  Ran into a problem with this where the log file showed
that we were sending only enctypes 5 and 16 (I believe I'm remembering
correctly), and these weren't getting decrypted; we needed to specify
default enctypes in the /etc/krb5.conf file to get it working, but had
to drop back to a previous version to do this, because I couldn't find
any way to force the enctypes in the 'private' krb5.conf file that samba
was using, and it got auto regenerated each time we tried the join.
Any way to force enctypes in the autogenerated krb5.conf file that you
know of???
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Wayne Rasmussen wrote:

> Is there any settings in smb.conf file which are 
> required for this?

Nope.  Just coded internally to the DC lookup routines
used by smbd and winbindd.  Also generates private
krb5.conf files used to enforce server affinity
at the krb5 clientlib layer.

cheers, jerry
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