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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Mon May 7 01:29:50 GMT 2007

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> You basically reverted some code you already committed 
> and I changed in 3_0_25. Right now each single backend
> init function can cope with the offline mode. Each one
> has a delayed initialization mode, so point (c)
> should not be needed.

but it is and it now works completely.  Give me another
day to finish testing the merge.

> The query code should also be able to cope with 
> offline requests, that's the whole point of returning
> ID_EXPIRED, so that in case we can't really
> resolve we keep it, otherwise we get the correct return.

No.  The backend should never be hit at all when
in offline mode.  That it the point of having the cache.
This way the local and remote backends work the
same way.  You don't want to allocate ids in offline mode
as you are not always able to validate the SID.

> Basically the problem of avoiding the query completely 
> is that you also avoid querying
> idmap_tdb/idmap_rid/idmap_passdb/idmap_nss.
> they all the mappings and can be consulted when offline
> without problems.

true.  I'll continue to revisit this.  But things were
not working an now they are.  I don't want to have different
backends working in different ways and require each backend
to be debugged for offline mode individually.

Just give me another day pleas and we can then discuss
it more.  Thanks

cheers, jerry
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