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Alexander Bokovoy ab at
Sat Jun 9 05:47:04 GMT 2007

James Peach пишет:
>> In this case, it does of course not fit into our acl schema. But
>> with some work it could (judging from a first glance) be
>> integrated. Or do you already have something that integrates with
>> upstream Samba?
> Well we hook in at the nt_acl VFS layer, not the POSIX ACL layer
> though I could probably add support for that as well. I guess we
> could do the native->NFSv4->NT conversion, but it feels icky. I'll
> look at it more closely when the time comes.
Unfortunately, nt_acl VFS part of API still calls canonicalize_acl and
other functions which assume POSIX ACLs API for fetching ACEs.

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