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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Wed Apr 4 02:27:08 GMT 2007

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Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> I think the getpwnam cache is now cleaner 
> avoiding talloc_reference, and doing a tcopy_passwd instead.
> Having a magic cache, using talloc_reference() I think
> caused confusing behaviours.  Because callers
> are not expecting a cache, they would be entirely 
> within their rights to talloc_steal() parts of the the
> results, but this would break the cache.

It's the stealing members from a structure that concerns me.

> The bug I was actually trying to fix is that I suspected 
> that not everything was being cleaned up when a session
> terminated.  I was hoping to make this simpler, with talloc
> taking over from the manual cleanup system.

Has Jeremy chatted with you about this?  He was going to
follow up.  Like I said,  I'll review it again but the
talloc_steal() calls make it more confusing for me, and
not cleaner.  Maybe another read through will change my mind.

It will take me about a day to get to it though.

cheers, jerry
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