plans for libndr ?

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Sun Sep 3 12:46:36 GMT 2006

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Jelmer Vernooij wrote:

> No, I think the autogenerated code in the Samba3 
> branch is the outdated one. Also, note that
> running pidl inside the Samba4 source directory
> is different from running it outside of it
> (different #include lines are generated).

But the structures should be the same I assume.

>> Finally, I'm assuming that the --samba3-XXX options to
>> pidl are not obselete, correct ?
> Yes. We should remove them once netdfs in SAMBA_3_0 
> (which still uses them at the moment) is ported over
> to libndr.


>> There also seems to be some GetOptions() issues....
>> $ perl pidl/pidl --header librpc/idl/spoolss.idl
>> pidl: no input files
>> Do you want a patch for this ?  or have you already
>> fixed in locally.
> You probably want to add -- after --header there. --header 
> accepts an option output file argument, e.g.:
> $ perl pidl/pidl --header -- librpc/idl/spoolss.idl
> or
> $ perl pidl/pidl --header=spoolss.h librpc/idl/spoolss.idl

I see what you mean.  The command line usage is ambiguous.
The output file name is optional but you can't tell that
from "pidl --header file.idl"  Whereas "piel --header
- --verbose file.idl" works fine.

cheers, jerry
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