plans for libndr ?

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Sat Sep 2 20:13:21 GMT 2006

On Fri, 2006-09-01 at 15:19 -0500, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> Jelmer Vernooij wrote:
> > The idea is to rework rpc_client/ rpc_server/ to call 
> > out to libndr-generated code rather than rpc_parse/.
> > The infrastructure is done. At the moment I'm working
> > on getting the RPC-UNIXINFO test working against
> > Samba 3 with ndr_unixinfo.c autogenerated. Once that's
> > done I'd like to work on netdfs and other pipes.
> ok.  I'm glad to see I'm thinking the same way as you
> are in rpc_client/ndr.c.  That makes me feel better
> about my own understanding.  The use of DATA_BLOB
> was a nice touch.
> I have a couple of questions.  The unixinfo.h in
> your 3.0-libndr/ bzr branch is different that one
> I get from running "pidl --header librpc/idl/unixinfo.idl"
> in the current SAMBA_4_0 branch.  Mostly just in relation
> to the [ref] pointers.  Do you have a newer version of
> pidl somewhere ?
No, I think the autogenerated code in the Samba3 branch is the outdated
one. Also, note that running pidl inside the Samba4 source directory is
different from running it outside of it (different #include lines are

> Secondly, I don't see any hooks into rpc_server yet.
> I'm guessing you are just starting on the client code
> and using the existing rpc_parse/ code to test the
> client autogenerated code.  If you haven't started on
> a server hook, I will start working on a patch.  That
> would help me make sure I'm following your design.
> Finally, I'm assuming that the --samba3-XXX options to
> pidl are not obselete, correct ?
Yes. We should remove them once netdfs in SAMBA_3_0 (which still uses
them at the moment) is ported over to libndr.

> There also seems to be some GetOptions() issues....
> $ perl pidl/pidl --header librpc/idl/spoolss.idl
> pidl: no input files
> Do you want a patch for this ?  or have you already
> fixed in locally.
You probably want to add -- after --header there. --header accepts an
option output file argument, e.g.:

$ perl pidl/pidl --header -- librpc/idl/spoolss.idl


$ perl pidl/pidl --header=spoolss.h librpc/idl/spoolss.idl



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