samba technical preview testing docs

Joshua Masiko geniedren at
Fri Oct 27 09:19:32 GMT 2006

I downloaded samba tp 3 in order to test its active directory capability.
However attempts to join the test domain from a Win 2k professional
machine(no service packs)
failed. The error is something about an unsupported encryption type.
I suspected it's to do with the fact that there are no service packs applied
but I'm not sure.
Don't you think the howto.txt should contain some information on how to test
Windows clients
and what the minimum requirements are otherwise only hardcore samba guys
will know what
to do? Currently it only contains unix cmdline client instructions. Also the
current state of the EJS Swat stuff is not very encouraging.
Lastly does gensec provide a comparable API to SSPI on windows, if so I
think it should also have
some preliminary docs in the TP releases.
I think more effort should be put into the things most visible/testable by
the average user in the TP releases (SWAT,Docs,Developement Libs etc). As a
person whose interested in the underlying tech
but not competent and/or too scared to understand the internals code I think
these suggestions would
broaden the number of willing testers.

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