Samba and LDAP

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> Can I configure a Samba server to authenticate against an external LDAP
> server?  If yes do I still need to define users on both, the Samba server
> and the ldap server, before they can access Samba shares or is it enough
> to have them only on the LDAP server?

Well, yes, you can authenticate against an external LDAP server. Please see:

When posting, include information about the platform your considering, the
LDAP server you may choose and post to the samba at as this is
the technical list for Samba internals.

You should consider that significant LDAP knowledge will be required since
you may need to do some serious changes to your authentication
infrastructure if you're not using LDAP presently. If you are using LDAP
already, then it may be as simple as adding some schema files and develop
some scripts to enhance your DN's and repassword your site (or use the PADL

Best of luck to you.



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