Vista RC2 doesn't like samba-3.0.10+ or 3.0.22+

Jason Haar Jason.Haar at
Mon Oct 16 04:05:31 GMT 2006

Volker Lendecke wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 16, 2006 at 12:30:42PM +1300, Jason Haar wrote:
>> Here's is a tcpdump of my Vista RC2 workstation attempting to connect to
>> my Samba-3.0.23c FC5 Linux workstation via "\\CROM"). It fails with
>> Vista hanging for around a minute and then reporting "parameter is
>> incorrect". If I instead connect to "\\CROM1" (netbios aliases setting),
>> it immediately successfully lists the shares as expected.
> Is it possible that \\CROM once was 'security=ads', and the
> Vista box still has a Kerberos service ticket around?

Nope. \\CROM was ADS once - but was turned over to "security=DOMAIN"
weeks before the Vista box was even built. It is possible AD still
*thinks* CROM is ADS - could it have told the Vista box via WINS or

> In the negprot reply we don't offer that we are kerberos,
> but Vista still sends it. I can only imagine that Vista has
> something cached.

...or it's a Vista bug? :-)

(I guess not. I'd imagine a lot of Samba folk are already thrashing out
Vista against Samba)


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