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Chris Cowan wrote:

> Second, I also like the Doxygen profile included in the 
> source tree, and generate the html version on a regular basis.
> I usually process this with the full graphviz/dot support
> so I get the call graphs.   (Another invaluable tool
> for understanding the code).   Which brings me to a
> suggestion, perhaps it would be valuable to build them 
> on a regular basis (at least the html version).  They
> should be relatively platform independent, so perhaps
> they could be processed in the build farm?   It
> would be nice if you could download preformatted doxygen 
> html files for the milestone releases.

It's a good idea but more than just throwing a switch.
We need to make sure the comments in the code used to
generate the docs are correct. :-)  Maybe the SAMBA_4_0
branch is in better shape than SAMBA_3_0.

cheers, jerry
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