Documentation and Kudos

Chris Cowan cc at
Tue Oct 3 14:45:22 GMT 2006

A couple of things.

First, kudos to Aleksey for these diagrams and the ones he did earlier on
the wiki for the messaging and clustering.   These are  invaluable to
people like me who are "playing along at home."

> I drew first diagrams about Samba & Clustering and placed them at the
> wiki page Please,
> check if I didn't understand your ideas.
> --
> Aleksey Fedoseev

Second, I also like the Doxygen profile included in the source tree, and
generate the html version on a regular basis.   I usually process this with
the full graphviz/dot support so I get the call graphs.   (Another
invaluable tool for understanding the code).   Which brings me to a
suggestion, perhaps it would be valuable to build them on a regular basis
(at least the html version).  They should be relatively platform
independent, so perhaps they could be processed in the build farm?   It
would be nice if you could download preformatted doxygen html files for the
milestone releases.

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