socket_wrapper + IPv6

Love Hörnquist Åstrand lha at
Mon Oct 9 12:23:57 GMT 2006


>> It passes the regression tests if I use TCP, but failes for UDP
>> since the PK-INIT tests uses such large packets that they don't fit
>> thought the unix sockets.
> thats a bit surprising! Just how large are these packets? unix domain
> sockets should handle at least 128k, and larger on some systems.
> We can put larger packets through datagram unix domain sockets by
> having a small header which indicates that the packet is in a file,
> and then use a temporary file for the packet, but I hoped to avoid
> those sorts of tricks.

Maybe its just my mac os x that is weird om me.

>> Also I removed the check for the bind(..., int protocol) field
>> since was wrong (getaddrinfo fills in the field), but it should be
>> redone correctly.
> I don't understand this .... bind() doesn't take a 'int protocol'
> parameter. I must be missing something :)

It was socket(), not bind.

> We'll also need to make sure this works on platforms that don't have
> IPv6 headers.

I wrapped all IPv6 code with #ifdef HAVE_IPV6 in the latest version  
of the patch.


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