socket_wrapper + IPv6

Love Hörnquist Åstrand lha at
Mon Oct 9 12:56:48 GMT 2006

>> having a small header which indicates that the packet is in a file,
>> and then use a temporary file for the packet, but I hoped to avoid
>> those sorts of tricks.
> Maybe its just my mac os x that is weird om me.

2006-10-09T14:54:21 sending 2554 bytes to IPv4:
2006-10-09T14:54:21 sendto(IPv4: Message too long

This is whats ends up in the KDC log, so no, unix socket at least in
the default have small packet-sizes for dgram mode. I'm sure you can  
tweek them
somehow, the tcp emulation code will do the same function calls
to the same socket.


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