socket_wrapper + IPv6

tridge at tridge at
Mon Oct 9 11:38:27 GMT 2006


 > I just made a patch to make socketwrapper talk ipv6, it doesn't  
 > support broadcast nor multicast.


 > It passes the regression tests if I use TCP, but failes for UDP
 > since the PK-INIT tests uses such large packets that they don't fit
 > thought the unix sockets.

thats a bit surprising! Just how large are these packets? unix domain
sockets should handle at least 128k, and larger on some systems.

We can put larger packets through datagram unix domain sockets by
having a small header which indicates that the packet is in a file,
and then use a temporary file for the packet, but I hoped to avoid
those sorts of tricks.

 > Also I removed the check for the bind(..., int protocol) field
 > since was wrong (getaddrinfo fills in the field), but it should be
 > redone correctly.

I don't understand this .... bind() doesn't take a 'int protocol'
parameter. I must be missing something :)

We'll also need to make sure this works on platforms that don't have
IPv6 headers.

Cheers, Tridge

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