Can I use samba to statically link with my embedded application?

Vishnubhatla, Vijaya Bhaskar vijaya-bhaskar.vishnubhatla at
Wed Jun 28 08:40:30 GMT 2006

Hi Volker Lendecke.
Thanks for your response!
One more question, What do u mean by publishing the code?
Is it the modified samba code alone? Or 
Is it the whole embedded application?
Kindly clarify this.

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On Wed, Jun 28, 2006 at 12:25:35PM +0530, Vishnubhatla, Vijaya Bhaskar
> Can I use samba to link statically with my code base? I want to use it

> for my embedded applications. My requirement is to modify the samba 
> code such that it has to link with my current embedded application. I 
> need smbd and nmbd daemons for this purpose.If not possible kindly 
> suggest me the other open source CIFS implementations which I can use 
> for sattic linking.

Sure it is in theory possible to link Samba statically.

But you must certainly be aware that Samba is licensed under the GPL
which requires that your embedded application then is also published
under the GPL, meaning that you have to publish the sources and give
your customers all rights that you were granted by the Samba copyright

If you do not want to publish your code under GPL, Samba is not an
option for you.

Do you want to publish your code under GPL?

Best regards,

Volker Lendecke
Samba Team

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