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Wed Jun 21 22:06:59 GMT 2006

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Mathias Dietz wrote:

> The most important step is to define this management API and to
> implement it inside samba3. Exporting this API via rpc is secondary.

Sorry.  I disagree.  just to make this clear, I believe MS-RPC
*is* the API.  Why reinvent the wheel?  Maybe we'll need to
have client RPC over unix domain sockets for local.

So the question is how do you use RPC before Samba is up
and running?  The answer is a simple provision script.
I mean very simple.  Just enough to get the server up
and have a single account.

> SWAT would be ok for the first consumer / to polish the API.  We need an API that will get used.  SWAT
has its fingers in everything and is just broken as a
management tool.

If you want to go this route, through swat away and start over.
Break it out as a separate project outside the Samba source tree.
Let it have a life of its own.  Get UI people involved.

I'm willing to concede if proven wrong, but a language bindings
to a popular scripting language that can be used by admins and "make
test" will get you much more mileage.

cheers, jerry
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